English summary

Giving you money doesn't help when you have debts
Expert support does help
'Grip op de Knip' volunteers do provide expert support.
Free of charge to anyone in Katwijk who needs it

Who we are

Foundation Grip op de Knip Katwijk (Dutch for "grip on your wallet") is a charity providing support to inhabitants of Katwijk ZH, Rijnsburg and Valkenburg ZH to get their personal finance under control again.

We are organized locally. Direct and personal support is pivotal for our organisation. Whenever possible we try to improve the situation structurally for those who ask for our support.

Our foundation has been set up by the local churches of Katwijk, Rijnsburg and Valkenburg. Our specially trained and certified debt relief buddies (in Dutch ‘maatjes’) could provide support to those who ask for help to acquire overview and insight again and consequently really regain ‘grip on their wallet’

Do you need our help?

When you do need help you could contact our coordinator (call 06 - 22062590 or send a mail to coordinator@gripopdeknipkatwijk.nl) or be referred to us via professional local institutions in Katwijk with who we work.

After your application roughly speaking the following will happen:

  • our coordinator will explain to you roughly our way of working
  • in case you are interested an intake interview will follow
    • your financial situation will be roughly assessed
    • you will be informed about our way of working and boundaries that will apply
    • you make a decision whether you would like to work with us
  • if so, our coordinator will assign a certified debt relief buddy
  • the assigned debt relief buddy will contact you for a first meeting
  • you will have regular meetings with 'your' debt relief buddy
  • on your behalf the debt relief buddy could agree payment arrangements with your creditors
  • as soon as you are starting to regain 'grip on your wallet' the debt relief buddy will start to phase out
  • our coordinator will remain your primary fallback during the entire process
  • the debt relief buddy provides regular progress updates to our coordinator